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    Please see the list of heroes I am currently looking for:

    • Commander: Corrupt
    • Guardian of Gaul ok
    • Gawara, Obsidian Master ok

    • Slayer: God
    • Golden Guardian ok
    • Anaghavi, Scholar of Light ok

    • Commander: Ancient
    • Balora the Beholder ok
    • Cait Dia (SBC) ok
    • Talam Scrios (SBC) ok

    • Slayer: Human
    • Unchained Evangela missing
    • Gia, Freed Darkness ok

    Thank you

    Best Regards:

    Dariusz I

    Hello everyone!

    Here is how you can help me with the missing cards.

    Below this announcement you will find details and pictures of the cards I'm currently looking for.

    If you have one of these cards and you would like to help me, please follows the steps below:

    1. In the settings of your mobile device set screen resolution to 1440 x 2960.

    2. Go to your Codex in the game and find the 6-star card awakened to 5.

    3. Take a screenshot of the card (only the front). Please do not edit or crop that screenshot.

    4. Send the screenshot to my email address ->

    That's it!

    I highly appreciate all help I can get from you!

    Dariusz I

    Please see attached an example of the proper screenshot: